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    An outraged New York City principal is calling for Mayor Bill de Blasio and the head of the department of education to be fired over the decision to delay in-person classes yet again just three days before they were set to resume.

    New York City public schools will no longer resume in-person classes for all students on Monday, September 21, as previously planned, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Thursday

    Labor leaders, who had sounded alarms in recent days that the schools still didn’t have the teachers or the coronavirus safety measures needed to reopen safely, appeared alongside de Blasio at Thursday’s news conference.

    Just last week, Mulgrew posted a scathing nine-minute rant on UFT’s website pointing out safety issues that had already arisen since teachers began returning to campus earlier this month to prepare for the arrival of students.

    De Blasio’s continuing failure to commit to a plan at the 11th hour has fueled a chorus of critics who say the Department of Education is completely unprepared to bring the nation’s largest school district back online amid the coronavirus pandemic

    De Blasio confirmed that the staffing shortage was one of the major issues driving the latest delay and announced the department of education is hiring an additional 2,500 teachers on top of the 2,000 he said were being added earlier this week.

    The news was immediately met with backlash on Twitter as parents moaned that de Blasio had months to get schools ready for reopening but failed to listen to union leaders’ concerns

    The city previously agreed with the unions that there would be monthly coronavirus testing of students and staff, with systems in place to send home classrooms or shut down entire schools if new COVID-19 cases are found.

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    The rare and potentially deadly mosquito-borne virus eastern equine encephalitis is spreading in Michigan, state health officials announced Thursday.

    State health officials announced Tuesday that an adult from Barry County is the first suspected human case of Triple E this year.

    Livingston County now has Triple E cases in horses, according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, and will be included in an aerial mosquito-control program that is scheduled to continue Thursday night.

    Fever Headache Irritability and restlessness Drowsiness and disorientation Anorexia Vomiting Diarrhea Cyanosis, which is bluish discoloration of the skin resulting from poor circulation or inadequate oxygenation of the blood Convulsions Coma

    The Marathon County Health Department is urging people to take measures to prevent mosquito bites after a horse tested positive for eastern equine encephalitis.

    Applying insect repellents that contain the active ingredient DEET, or other U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-registered product to exposed skin or clothing, and always follow the manufacturer’s directions for use.

    “We are taking this step in an effort to protect the health and safety of Michiganders in areas of the state where we know mosquitoes are carrying this potentially deadly disease,” Khaldun said in a news release.

    Monitoring in 2019 when more than 557,000 Michigan acres were treated found no increased human, animal or insect adverse effects associated with aerial treatment.

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    Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel told CNBC on Thursday that it could have enough data by October from its late-stage trial to evaluate its efficacy, although he said he viewed that timeline as unlikely, according to the report.

    President Donald Trump has asserted that a vaccine could be ready ” during the month of October .”

    Experts say that is unlikely given the time required to test and evaluate the vaccines for efficacy and safety.

    U.S. Centers for Disease Control Director Robert Redfield told Congress Wednesday that a vaccine wouldn’t be widely available until the second or third quarter of next year — a projection that Mr. Trump took issue with, saying that Redfield “made a mistake.”

    “If the infection rate in the country were to slow down in the next weeks, it could potentially be pushed out in a worst-case scenario in December,” Bancel told CNBC.

    The company also said it was scaling manufacturing to produce between 500 million to 1 billion doses of the vaccine.

    Moderna’s vaccine, which uses messenger RNA, or mRNA, to trick the body into producing viral proteins to fight disease, could require two shots to provide protection from the coronavirus.

    However, no mRNA vaccine has so far been approved for an infectious disease, and Moderna has yet to bring a product to market, according to Deutsche Bank analysts.

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    Authorities are urging people to stay indoors after dark and protect themselves from mosquito bites after a resident in Barry County was suspected of having Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), a potentially deadly illness caused by the EEE virus.

    The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) announced the suspected EEE case on Tuesday.

    “This suspected EEE case in a Michigan resident shows this is an ongoing threat to the health and safety of Michiganders and calls for continued actions to prevent exposure, including aerial treatment,” Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, chief medical executive and chief deputy for health at MDHHS, said in a statement.

    “MDHHS continues to encourage local officials in the affected counties to consider postponing, rescheduling or cancelling outdoor activities occurring at or after dusk, particularly those involving children to reduce the potential for people to be bitten by mosquitoes.”

    Twenty-two horses across 10 counties have also been confirmed to have EEE — twice the number of animal cases seen in Michigan this time last year .

    The state is conducting aerial treatment across several “high-risk areas” in an effort to reduce the number of mosquitoes spreading the virus.

    Five confirmed human cases of EEE have been reported to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this year, as of September 9 .

    Symptoms can be mild and might include fever, chills, aches and general discomfort, but severe cases can involve swell of the brain or meningitis.

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    LACEY, Wash. — Law enforcement agents shot and killed an antifa supporter on Thursday as they moved to arrest him in the fatal shooting of a right-wing activist who was part of a pro-Trump caravan in Portland, Ore., officials said.

    An arrest warrant for murder had been obtained by the Portland police through the Circuit Court in Multnomah County, Ore., earlier Thursday, on the same day that Vice News published an interview with Mr. Reinoehl in which he appeared to admit to the Aug. 29 shooting , saying, “I had no choice.”

    Mr. Reinoehl, who lived in the Portland area, had been a persistent presence at the city’s demonstrations over recent weeks, helping the protesters with security and suggesting on social media that the struggle was becoming a war where “there will be casualties.”

    Mr. Barr formed a task force this summer to investigate the proliferation of violent anti-government extremists as citizens across the country protested the killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police.

    But in his public statements, Mr. Barr has pinned the violence on leftist groups and movements, particularly antifa, and echoed President Trump’s assertions that actors on the left are inciting violent riots.

    The officers closed in on Mr. Reinoehl on a residential street lined with townhomes and single-family houses in an unincorporated area adjacent to the city of Lacey, not far from the Washington State capital of Olympia and about two hours’ drive north of Portland.

    He heard about a minute and a half of gunshots, he said, then saw a man walking backward next to a white pickup truck, holding what appeared to be a gun, and officers firing in his direction.

    After the shooting, several hundred protesters in Portland gathered in front of a police station in a residential neighborhood, chanting racial justice slogans as they have on most nights since May, although the mood shortly before midnight was relatively calm.

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    The Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced Thursday the fifth human case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) virus infection.The latest human victim was identified as a female in her 60s who was exposed to EEE in Plymouth County.

    Mosquito populations are declining although some risk will continue until the first hard frost, health officials said.

    Health officials urged people heading outside to use mosquito repellent and anyone living in high and critical risk communities are advised to schedule their outdoor activity to avoid the dusk to dawn hours to reduce exposure to the mosquitoes most likely to spread EEE.EEE is a rare but potentially fatal disease that can affect people of all ages.

    BOSTON — The Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced Thursday the fifth human case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) virus infection.

    The latest human victim was identified as a female in her 60s who was exposed to EEE in Plymouth County.

    State health officials said more than 95% of the EEE cases that have occurred in Massachusetts since 2000 have been exposed to the virus before mid-September.

    Health officials urged people heading outside to use mosquito repellent and anyone living in high and critical risk communities are advised to schedule their outdoor activity to avoid the dusk to dawn hours to reduce exposure to the mosquitoes most likely to spread EEE.

    Mary Altaffer
    This Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019 photo shows male mosquitos at the the Vosshall Laboratory at Rockefeller University in New York.

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    The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said Dijon Kizzee was shot after he picked up a gun.

    Kent Wegener said Thursday that the Aug. 31 shooting, which launched protests that, at times, turned violent, took place after Kizzee, who is black, bent down and picked up a pistol.

    Wegener said that officers first attempted to detain Kizzee because of a traffic violation he allegedly perpetrated while riding his bicycle.

    Video of the incident was shown during the press conference and appeared to match the officer’s description but is difficult to interpret because of poor quality.

    Police said that Kizzee was prohibited from owning a firearm as a condition of an active restraining order against him and because of his criminal record as a convicted felon.

    Wegener added that witness reports of the incident were collected and recorded and that they will be released when the full investigation is published.

    Ali told reporters that Kizzee wasn’t reaching for a gun but merely was shot as he fell over.

    Ali explained that the family was not disputing whether Kizzee was in possession of a gun, but whether he was holding it or pointing it at the officers.

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    Los Angeles authorities on Thursday revealed Dijon Kizzee was shot at by deputies at least 19 times after being stopped for a bicycle code violation late last month.

    Kizzee was fatally shot on Aug. 31 by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies after they attempted to stop him while he was riding a bicycle in violation of vehicle codes.

    After the sheriff’s news conference Thursday, a rep for Kizzee’s family held a separate presser to offer their response to police.

    Dijon was riding his bicycle and minding his own business and got stopped for a traffic code violation,” said activist Najee Ali.

    The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said the incident began around 3:15 p.m. on Aug. 31 when two deputies tried to stop Kizzee—and he dropped his bike and ran.

    A video of the incident shared by Crump shows the 29-year-old running away from the two deputies before they unleash the sea of gunfire, kicking up dirt as they shoot Kizzee in the back.

    In a different portion of a witness video, posted by Fox 11 , the man can be seen on the ground behind a pickup truck as angry bystanders yell at deputies.

    The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s officer told The Daily Beast on Thursday that Kizzee died from gunshot wounds, but said the preliminary reports have been placed on a security hold by authorities.

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    The his-and-hers California federal prisons where a judge has agreed to send Lori Loughlin and her husband to serve their upcoming sentences in the college admissions scandal are hardly Alcatraz.

    Lori Loughlin, center, and her husband Mossimo Giannulli, behind her at rightJohn Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images“Recreation programs are to provide gainful use of free time and to fulfill specific inmate’s needs,” the handbook says.

    Meanwhile, hubby Mossimo Giannulli’s first-choice slammer, the Federal Correctional Institution in Lompoc, doesn’t have quite as extensive an array of activities — but there is still plenty to do, according to its own inmate handbook.

    As with Loughlin’s lockup, Lompoc also encourages arts and crafts, including oil painting, leatherwork, crocheting and ceramics.

    There, he might get helpful advice on smoothing things over with daughters Olivia and Jade, who were reportedly devastated over their parents’ plea agreements.

    Inmates wear khaki shirts and pants instead of orange jumpsuits and can own a radio, a watch, and an MP3 player, the handbook says.

    Napa Valley winemaker Agustin Huneeus was released early from the facility in March, two weeks before his five-month sentence was to end, due to concerns about coronavirus infection.

    The other dad, Los Angeles businessman Devin Sloane, had asked for early release but was denied the request on a technicality.

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    Lori Loughlin won’t have to travel too far when she turns herself in to start her prison sentence in November after pleading guilty for her role in the college-admissions scandal .

    According to Us Weekly , Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton approved the actor’s request filed on September 9 to serve her time at the federal correctional institution located in Victorville, California, the prison closest to her home.

    The place where Loughlin will likely be incarcerated, according to Us Weekly , is a low-security prison that houses 300 inmates and comes with quite the Hollywood pedigree.

    Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller , who was released early, served her sentence there, and the facility was also used as a set for the first episode of HBO’s Luck.

    The actor was sentenced to two months in prison in August, in addition to a $150,000 fine, 100 hours of community service, and two years of supervised release.

    Her husband, Mossimo Giannulli , was given five months in prison, a $250,000 fine, 250 hours of community service, and two years of supervised release.

    But the couple still has hopes they’ll be able to stagger their prison sentences , as “they don’t want to have any overlap and leave the girls on their own.”

    Ultimately, the Bureau of Prisons still needs to give final approval of Loughlin’s request to serve her time a roughly two-hour drive from her new reported $9.5 million Hidden Hills “farmhouse,” but the placement looks promising, according to Us Weekly , as the federal prison records show she’s already had a registration number assigned to her.

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    FCI Victorville — which offers inmates such amenities as pilates, yoga and lessons in a variety of musical instruments — was the actress’ first choice as it’s the federal prison closest to her new mansion in the Los Angeles suburb of Hidden Hills, court records show.

    U.S. District Court Judge Nathaniel Gorton granted her lockup request with the condition that the facility is “commensurate with the appropriate security level,” though the Federal Bureau of Prisons is expected to give final approval.

    Giannulli, who was sentenced to five months behind bars, will be sent to the Lompoc Federal Correctional Complex in Santa Barbara County, court filings show.

    The high-profile couple admitted paying $500,000 to get their girls into the University of Southern California as fake crew team recruits, one of the most shocking cases among a series of similar college bribery incidents unveiled by the feds in March 2019.

    The still-ongoing investigation, dubbed “Operation Varsity Blues,” has netted dozens of arrests and multiple convictions for former athletic coaches, college administrators and wealthy parents like Loughlin and fellow actress Felicity Huffman.

    Loughlin and Giannulli, a 57-year-old prominent fashion designer, worked with admitted mastermind William “Rick” Singer and his bogus charity to sneak their teenage daughters into USC through a scam that included fake resumes and staged photos of the girls posing on rowing machines.

    After more than a year fighting the charges in a Boston federal court, the couple finally confessed to the crimes in May and took a plea deal that saved them from facing a jury.

    Just days before the sentencing, she and her husband bought a contemporary farmhouse in a gated community in Hidden Hills, with nearly 12,000 square-feet of living space, six bedrooms, a walk-in wine cellar, movie theater and other amenities.

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    Emergency calls reveal that Jerry Falwell Jr. was found intoxicated and injured on August 30, a week after a news report alleging a years-long sexual affair between him, his wife, and another man, the Huffington Post reported on Thursday.

    Jerry Falwell Jr. was found intoxicated and injured on August 30, a week after a bombshell report alleging a years-long sexual affair between him, his wife, and another man, according to emergency call records obtained by HuffPost.

    She told the dispatcher that Falwell was bleeding a lot and had been drinking, but refused to give them much more information.

    “The more I tell you the name, the more you’re going to understand why we’re not talking to you right now,” Becki Falwell told the dispatcher, according to a transcript cited by HuffPost.

    Medical responders who arrived at Falwell’s home reported multiple lacerations on his face.

    One responder also noted Falwell was slurring his speech and had hit his head on a trash can.

    Blood was found in the area near empty alcohol bottles, according to HuffPost.

    The August 30 incident reportedly unfolded a week after a bombshell Reuters report in which Giancarlo Granda, a business partner of the Falwells, said he had engaged in a years-long affair with the couple during which he had sex with Becki as Jerry watched.

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    The evangelical leader’s wife, Becki Falwell, called 911 around 2:30 a.m. on Aug. 31 to say her husband had fallen inside their Bedford County, Virginia house and there was “a lot of blood right now,” HuffPost reported.

    The dispatcher asked whether her husband had been drinking alcohol and Becki responded “yes,” according to audio of the call obtained by the website.

    The dispatcher explained that alcohol thins the blood and could be the cause for the heavy bleeding — but Becki was adamant: “The more I tell you the name, the more you’re going to understand why we’re not talking to you right now,” HuffPost reported.

    He had apparently hit his head on a trash can and there was “blood in the area he indicated” as well as “empty alcohol containers,” the first responders noted.

    Jerry Falwell Jr. allegedly caught on tape warning pool boy not to make wife jealous

    In the past, Jerry has been accused of not abiding by the school’s strict Christian values banning sexual content and the use of alcohol.

    “Their lavish lifestyle consisted of heavy drinking and going to nightclubs, which is strictly prohibited by the honor code that they expect everyone else to follow,” Granda told Fox News.

    Jerry denied showing up on campus drunk, telling the Journal that drinking wasn’t banned for staff.

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    New drone video captured the mess Hurricane Sally left behind on Alabama’s coastline after tearing through early Wednesday morning with 105 mph winds, torrential rainfall and a powerful storm surge.

    The wall of a residential high-rise building was sheared completely off in the storm, leaving multiple levels exposed, the video shows.

    Sally tore through bedrooms and furniture, leaving dresser drawers open and bedding unraveled, the video shows.

    Even in its weakened state, the storm dropped heavy rain in the Carolinas Thursday afternoon, and tornadoes were possible in the region, according to the National Hurricane Center.

    In all, Sally’s damage is expected to cost upward of $2 billion, Reuters reported .

    Kay Ivey put out a call on Twitter for more volunteers to aid the Red Cross’ recovery efforts as the nonprofit set up shelters for people displaced by the storm.

    Maximum sustained wind was around 15 mph Thursday evening, but heavy rain was expected to continue into the Carolinas and southeast Virginia.

    More than 400,000 people in Alabama, Florida and Georgia were still without power Thursday evening, according to the blackout-tracking websites PowerOutage.us .

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    Three days before New York City schools were supposed to reopen, I got a text message from a source with surprising news: the schools would not open for in-person classes on Monday as planned →

    Brittainy Newman for The New York Times“This is what happens when City Hall is in charge,” said one employee on Twitter, “instead of educators who are dedicated to serving our students and families.”

    The news came as a shock to parents and teachers, who have been struggling with the confusion over the city’s reopening plans for months.

    All students will begin remote classes on Monday.

    The mayor didn’t apologize for the abrupt shift.

    Pool photo by Bebeto MatthewsThe delay will help the city solve a major staffing crunch in the schools, and allow more time to get the city’s test and trace program for schools up and running, the mayor said.

    For many educators and parents, this is the right plan, but announced at the wrong time.

    Dozens of principals have been calling on the mayor to delay the start of school and then phase in grades, starting with the youngest children, since early August.

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    It has already battered Florida and Alabama with rain and storm surges, downing power lines, turning roads into rivers and leaving homes submerged.

    Image copyrightGetty ImagesImage caption
    Houses were submerged in Pensacola, Florida
    Image copyrightReutersImage caption
    The wind ripped the roof off this house in Perdido Key, Florida
    Besides the fatality reported in Orange Beach, Alabama, one person is also missing from the small coastal city in south-west Alabama, according to Mayor Tony Kennon.

    Pensacola, Florida, 30m (48 km) east of Orange Beach, was also badly hit, with a loose barge bringing down part of the city’s Bay Bridge.

    The storm brought “four months of rain in four hours” to the city, Pensacola fire chief Ginny Cranor told CNN.

    Pictures show residents wading through waist-deep water, cars stranded in flooded streets, and homes entirely swamped by Wednesday’s deluge.

    And 50 miles (80km) north-west in Mobile, Alabama, photos show the large steeple of El-Bethel Primitive Baptist Church toppled after the storm.

    As the storm moved north from the coast, some 550,000 residents in affected areas were left in the dark on Wednesday night, according to local reports.

    If you are reading this page and can’t see the form you will need to visit the mobile version of the BBC website to submit your question or comment or you can email us at HaveYourSay@bbc.co.uk .

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    Dr. Anthony Fauci says he expects to see a COVID-19 vaccine being proven safe and effective by November or December.

    “I would still put my money on November/December,” Fauci said Wednesday at a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute panel, according to CNN .

    The nation’s top infectious disease expert has said that researchers test vaccines by giving the shots to some and a placebo to others, then waiting to see if those who got the actual vaccine develop fewer cases or less-severe symptoms.

    He said that to tell if a vaccine candidate is effective, researchers need to see about 150 coronavirus infections occur.

    Depending on when those metrics come, Fauci said there could be a solution to the pandemic sooner than his predicted time frame.

    “It really depends on where the sites are and how many infections there are in a site,” Fauci said.

    “So you could get your answer sooner, or you can get your answer a bit later.”

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    ‘‘I would still put my money on November/December,” he said, during a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute panel on global pandemics.

    He added that researchers need to see about 150 infections occur in a vaccine trial for it to be deemed safe and effective.

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, testifies before a House Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis hearing on July 31, 2020, in Washington, DC.

    A vaccine could potentially come sooner than the expected timeframe based on those metrics, but it’s likely that an answer about efficacy won’t be ready until November or December, he added.

    Earlier this month, Fauci said he was not comfortable with rushing a vaccine through under Emergency Use Authorization unless it was shown in clinical trials to be ” safe and effective .”

    He said that until a vaccine is ready, people should continue to wearing masks, maintain physical distance, and avoiding crowds to prevent future surges.

    As of early Friday, the U.S. has seen more than 6,674,458 total coronavirus cases, and at least 197,633 deaths from the virus, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

    Fox News’ Morgan Phillips contributed to this report

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    Drone video shows the extent of destruction after a wildfire nearly destroys the town of Talent, Oregon.








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    The sheriff’s department alleges that Kizzee punched a deputy in the face.A 9mm semiautomatic handgun, loaded with 15 rounds, was recovered at the scene, according to Wegener, who said the gun was reported stolen during a Las Vegas residential burglary in February 2017.

    Kizzee was prohibited from owning a firearm due to an active restraining order and his criminal record as a convicted felon, sheriff’s officials said.

    The sheriff’s department initially made contact with Kizzee because he was biking on the wrong side of East 110th Street, Wegener said.

    “Kizzee refused to stop, fled on his bike until he fell, abandoned his bicycle and ran from deputies north on Budlong Avenue,” according to Wegener.

    He said the gun was wrapped inside a piece of clothing that Kizzee held as he ran from deputies, who located him on 109th Place, west of Budlong Avenue, where one deputy attempted to detain him.Kizzee raised his hands, holding a green towel and a red and black jacket, one of which concealed the firearm, according to Wegener.

    Wegener said the deputies fired a total of 19 shots and Kizzee was struck in the chest, both arms, once in the back and suffered a grazing wound to the head.

    The shooting of Kizzee has prompted a series of protests outside the South Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station.Sheriff Alex Villanueva has repeatedly insisted that while some people are legitimately taking part in peaceful gatherings, the groups have been infiltrated by people from outside the Westmont area looking to instigate violence.

    Cliff Smith of Roofers Local 36, one of the organizers of a Saturday march, countered that protesters only started throwing rocks and bottles after deputies advanced on them firing chemical irritants and that his 7-year-old daughter suffered the results when some of these devices were fired near her during an earlier demonstration.

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